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EPM 207 HRS / Ref.EPM 207 HRS / Aps-printer

The EPM207 is a 2-inch, 5V, Easy Loading Printing Module with and integrated control board using serial and USB communication protocols.
The EPM module consists of a set of mechanical and electronic parts.
Theses parts have been designed with high level of integration and perform large variety of functions.

Two printer colors: WHITE & BLACK

Interface: YES  -  Paper size: 60  -  Cutter:


Main Features :

- Fully hot pluggable printer
- 2 commucation ports
     * RS232
     * USB 2.0 (full-speed)
- Single power supply
     * From 5 Volts to 8.5 Volts
- Integrated keyboard with paper feed and ON-OFF line pish button and LED
- Powerful graphic modes
     * Variable width and offset
     * Double and quadruple width and height
- Windows drivers available

General Specifications :

Print method:  Thermal
Number of dots:  384
Paper width:       58
Paper loading:    Easy loading
Printing speed:   90 (mm/s)
Voltage range:   5V~8.5V
Dimensions:       81.6 x 106.1 x 69 (WxDxH mm)
Maximum paper roll diameter:  60 (mm)
Interfaces:         RS232 & USB
Graphics:           YES
Barcodes:          YES
Drivers:             YES