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K-A.I.T 60/80/112 mm / Ref.K-A.I.T 60-80-112 mm / A.I.T

Features: Compact and light, Print text graphics and barcodes, Near end of paper, Downloadable character set, Software programmable energy consumption, Hole / Mark detection.

Existe aussi en version 80mm & 112mm de LARGE

Interface: Yes  -  Paper size: 60mm  -  Cutter:


Specifications              K-A.I.T 290
Printing method          432 dots
Résolutions                 8 dots/mm
Paper width                60 mm Ø160 mm
Loading paper             Automatic
Print speed                 Up to 120mm/s
Interface                     RS232C, USB
Power supply              18-27
Barcodes                    10 types
Graphics                     3 modes
Lifereliability               50 km/100 M pulses
O.S drivers                 Windows, Linux drivers


• Compact and light
• Print text graphics and barcodes.
• Near end of paper
• Downloadable character set
• Software programmable energy consumption
• Hole / Mark detection


• Vending machines.
• Kiosk, ATM.
• Panel mount printers.
• Portable printers and terminals.
• EFTs.

Existe aussi en version 80mm & 112mm de LARGE