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KM290-HRS / Ref.KM290-HRS / Aps-printer

Features • 2 inches paper width • Compact and light • Print text, graphics and barcode • Full control over printing quality/speed • Integrated switches and LED (on-off line status, paper feed) • 2 Communication ports • Software programmable energy consumption • Three resident fonts • Downloadable character set • Powerful Text Printing Modes • Powerful Graphic Modes • Hole/Mark Detection/Correct Paper Path Exit Detection • Integrated cutter • Easy firmware upgrades • Multi position (3) Paper Roll support
Interface: YES  -  Paper size: 60  -  Cutter:



Gas pumps
Vending machines
Parking meters

Printing method: Thermal
Number of dots: 384
Resolution (dots/mm): 8
Printing width (mm): 48
Paper width (mm): 58
Max. paper thickness (um): 80
Paper loading: Automatic
Printing speed (mm/s): 50
Paper detection: Opto sensor
Temperature detection: Thermistor
Head-up or Cover-open detection: Switch
Voltage range (Logic/Head): single 4.5-8.5
Dot resistance (Ohm): -
Energy per dot (mJ): -
Stepper motor (Ohm): -
Weight (g): 50
Life/reliability: 50km/100M pulses
Operating temperature (C): 0 to 50
Operating humidity (%): 20 to 85 non cond.
Dimensions (WxDxH mm): 82 x 47 x 16
Cutter: yes