Modular Kiosk Line (MKL)

New compact solution available in 2 and 3 inches.

The new Modular Kiosk Line (MKL) printers have been designed as a compact modular printer kiosk solution.

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Available in 2 and 3 inches at 12 V and also 24 V.

Modular Kiosk Line (MKL) is easy to fix and to integrate in your design. It consists of a basic module - printer mechanism and powerful controller board, and additional modules as loop presenter/retractor, anti-jam detection, paper tensioner and exit bezel with LED illumination. Optional modules like fixation frames and paper holders are also available.

Modular Kiosk Line (MKL) offers high printing speed; full control over printing quality/speed; powerful text/graphic modes and 2D barcodes; easy firmware and font upgrades, hardware QR barcode support, with RS232C or USB communication interface.

The APS Modular Kiosk Line (MKL) provides extremely reliable printing, working in a broad spectrum of kiosk applications as ATM, Ticketing, Parking, Vending, Gaming and Lottery.